About CryptocoinsApp Binance

Binance is an excellent CryptoCoins Exchange with a lot of very relevant high priced CryptoCoins
and very large Trading Volumes. At Binance you can buy and sell CryptoCoins instantaneously.
The latest news about Binance Trading can be found on the: CryptoCoinsCity News

We have completely rebuilt our CryptoCoinsApp for Binance to facilitate the new look and feel of the
Website and the additional ETH and BNB Markets that are active there.
With the CryptocoinsApp for Binance you can download all relevant Trading information for BTC, ETH
and BNB with just 1-click and then you can analyze coins and wallets to make new trades.

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Features CryptocoinsApp Binance

  • Import new coins
  • Import User Balances
  • Update Daily Prices
  • ( BTC, Eth, BNB )
  • Switch coins/wallet
  • Analyze Historical Prices
  • Analyze Past/Present Wallet Values
  • ( BTC, ETH, BNB )

Price Information

The CryptocoinsApp Binance is not a commercial application. It has been made by the developer due to personal interest for trading on Binance. The application can be downloaded by everyone for free after registering themselves here: Download

Everyone who will download the application will have access to support but also to future releases of the application. There are plans for even more API support and we are working now on complete integration with the other Cryptocurrency Apps for NovaExchange,TradeSatoshi,Bittrex,CREX24 and HitBTC.

Download Information

If you are interested to download the CryptocoinsApp Binance please fill in your information below.
After that you will receive an email with your download-url and necessary install information.

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Contact Information

If you have questions about anything which is mentioned on this website concerning the Cryptocoins Binance APP or how to install and use it then you can contact the webmaster directly on the email-address below.

Email address: Questions about CryptocoinsApp Binance.