News from the Cryptocoin Exchanges


There is brilliant news from NovaExchange. The website will not close at 1 march 2018 !!!
Discussions with the new shareholder were succesfull and NovaExchange will continue to work.
More information will be released very soon.


CoinsMarkets is down for 18 days now. Yesterday news was posted explaining the Downtime.
You can read the integral news report here: CoinsMarkets News
It is to be expected that CoinsMarkets will be online again very soon now.


Cryptopia founder Rob Dawson gave information about stability problems at the website.
It seems that in 1 month Cryptopia users have tripled from 500k to 1500k and the servers have not been able to handle that increase very good. Cryptopia will be closing the LTC markets permanently and move them to another exchange They hope that user registration will be possible again now soon.


CoinExchange has witnesses a great influx of 25,000+ users in the last month. Because of that the website has been very unstable and slow. Coinexchange is working hard to solve these issues. This week CoinExchange will also start fees of 0.0008 BTC for Deposits because of high network costs. CoinExchange regrets the high BTC fees and will try to open more LTC, ETH and DOGE markets.


The problems with DDOS seem to be gone. The website is stable again. Yobit has started trading in the coin BCA Bitcoin Atom. This is a SegWit enabled Bitcoin fork with atomic swaps. All Yobit BTC holders will receive 1:1 Bitcoin Atom (BCA) at the time of the fork, approximately January 25-26


HitBTC has also witnessed a big increase in traffic last month. The website has stayed online and trading has been possible but there have been big delays in the deposits and withdraws. Users are getting very frustrated and unsatisfied at the moment.


TradeSatoshi has ended the option of free voting for adding coins to the website this month. This is unfortunate for the introduction of new cryptocoins on this exchange. It is unclear now how cryptocoins will be added in the future. TradeSatoshi reports that they will describe the new coin introduction schemes at the end of this month. At the moment TradeSatoshi is also witnessing DDOS attacks. The website is instable and offline now and then.


From December, 20 till approximately January 20 C-CEX will switch to "limited service" mode for New Year vacations.
They will: provide trading service, API trading service, C-CEX codes creation and redeeming, fiat deposits and withdrawals. They will not: provide all cryptocoin and tokens deposits and withdrawals, support ticket service.
Please, do not send any deposits during "limited service" period as they will not be posted to balances !!!