News from CryptoCoinsCity

Updates on Exchanges

The exchange CoinsMarkets is gone and is no longer listed here. We also stop with listing YOBIT. We have had continuous problems with wallets, support and API's and were forced to make all Yobit updates manually.

CoinExchange.IO still has no working API's either. We keep listing CoinExchange for the moment but the coins and prices there will not be updated daily. We are considering to remove CoinExchange completely.

This month we will start with the listing of the following new exchanges:
StocksExchange, CREX24, Poloniex, Livecoin, KuCoin, BleuTrade and AltMarkets.

Announcements CryptoCoins

Are you tired of the enormous amount of info on BitcoinTalk ? Do you spend hours looking for relevant CryptoCoin Announcements ? We can certainly imagine that because the amount of posts there is overwhelming and often even translated in more then 10 languages. We have made a new compact menu with all relevant new Crypto Coin announcements. In here you will find all the relevant new CryptoCoins and we will update it every week. We will not list ICO coins here, because we don't believe in ICO, but only real mineable POW or POW/POS CryptoCoins. So stop spending hours of fruitless irritating searching and just visit us each weekend: 'Coin Announcements'

Featured Coin New Coin Lists

This week CryptoCoinsCity start with a brand-new CryptoCoins menu. Each week a new promising cryptocoin will be listed as 'Featured Coin'. If you want your coin to be listed as Featured Coin or if you have a new CryptoCoin Announcement then please send us an email.
In the new Coins Menu you will also find all the newly listed CryptoCoins on the Exchanges.

New Coins Listing

CryptoCoinsCity has added a new cross-reference listing of coins.
Check out on which Exchanges you can find your coins and what their prices are there:
Cross-reference listing

Follow on Twitter

As of this week we will start to mention all major news and updates from CryptoCoinsCity also on Twitter. A new Twitter account has been registered for that. If you want to keep in tune will all news and updates then go here: