News from the Cryptocoin Exchanges


On 7 August NovaExchange has opened up the deposits for the following coins:

Last week already the following coins were opened up: Novaexchange coins 31 July
Every week more coins will be enabled so stay tuned and for fast effective trading dont forget to
download your own personal copy of the: NovaExchange CryptoCurrency App


The website CoinsMarkets is offline for 2 months now and it is clear that the website will
not be back again. CryptoCoinsCity feels sorry for all international traders that have lost
money there like we did. The coming month we will be removing CoinsMarkets from our website
and we will look for a replacement Exchange to be listed on our website.
People who might have suggestions please send them to us using the the contact section.


After the recent problems the situation has now improved. The performance is much better and withdrawals seem to be working again. The support team has done an excellent job in quickly solving all issues with failing withdrawals. Let's hope that these problems were just an incident and wont happen again.


Not much news from CoinExchange at the moment. The exchange is working good and stable and it seems that they have removed the silly fees for BTC Deposits again.


TradeSatoshi has ended the option of free voting for adding coins to the website. New coins can be added now for a price of 1.5 BTC After the problems at the start of 2018 the website is now stable and working good.


Many reports of problems have been made concerning CryptoCoin deposits and withdrawals. Several wallets on the exchange are mentioned to be active and online but deposits/withdraws you make will not arrive. This has most probably to so with incorrect wallet versions which are not updated by Yobit. Be very carefull with trading on Yobit and always try small withdraws and deposits first.